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Eisteddfod 2024

Updated Sunday 19th May.

Main reminders -  


By the end of June 

You have to have completed the uploading of song charts and backing tracks using  Music Uploads.


This requires you to create an account and choose the sections required.

I will do the band uploads.

Dates and times - 


Solo guitar sections are spread over two days.


Thurs 18th and Fri 19th July - mornings and afternoons.

The venue is Shalom College performing arts precinct.

Rock bands are on Fri 19th July - afternoon and night

The venue is Shalom College performing arts precinct.

Here is the program for 2024 (released Sun 19.5.2024)

What students can enter - 


There are two broad areas students can enter - solo and band.

Solo guitar sections -

There are 5 sections to choose from -



Lead solos,




In these sections students play on their own with a backing track.

Students can enter as many sections as they like playing one song per section. We’ll work out how many sections for each student but I’m hoping at least 2 sections each.

These solo sections will be on Thursday 18th July and Friday 19th July at Shalom college.

Rock band section -


Students can enter in age levels of primary school or high school.

Teachers will place students into bands and choose the songs.


There will be some band rehearsals to join in with on weekends as we get close to the eisteddfod.

Rock band will most likely be on Fri 19th July late afternoon and evening

The venue is Shalom College performing arts precinct.

Bands will start rehearsing from Fri 28th June. 

Some bands will rehearse Fri afternoon/night, others on Sat afternoon and others on Sun afternoon.

The rehearsal program will be worked out closer to the start date.

Student must be aiming to play their songs very well by the time we start rehearsals.

Here are the bands as of May 17. Still some roles to fill but almost there.

Enrolling and costs - 

The eisteddfod committee has insisted that
students do all of their own enrolling.

There are two websites you must join.

There are fees attached to both of these and as well fees payable to Bandwagon.

Firstly join comps online where you can enrol students into their individual sections. Enrolling starts 1st April and finishes 30th April. (Bandwagon will enrol the bands).

Comps Online

Secondly you will need to join Music Uploads where you store the sheet music and backing tracks for each student and their sections. We will provide the sheet music and backing tracks once all songs are worked out. This is open May 8 to July 7.

Music Uploads

To enter the band section the eisteddfod charges about $5 per person. There is an extra fee I charge of $65 per person making a total of $70 per person. This covers the preparation and rehearsals for the bands as it’s a very big time commitment from me. Band members are expected to attend rehearsals for 2-3 weekends prior to the eisteddfod.


The bands each play one song. The rock band sections are held Fri 19th July at night at Shalom.

Bandwagon will enrol the bands into the Comps Online site.


You must pay to come to watch the rock bands - this is not a Bandwagon event where you're band fees cover entry.

When to arrive -

Please arrive early for your section. Don't try to work out exactly when your time will be on.. If you're late unfortunately you'll miss out. 

Who can come to watch -

Anyone is welcome to come and watch but there are fees to do this.

These are last year's tickets prices but I'm sure they will be similar.

Remember - the Bandwagon showcase is on Sat 10th and Sun 11th August at Shalom College.

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