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Chord guitar

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Learn to play chords like a pro with our comprehensive guitar lessons.
Learn rock, metal, pop, blues and jazz guitar styles. Learn on electric or acoustic guitar.

We are passionate about music and have developed a teachingmethod that allows you to really understand what you are playing and learn all of the essentials of playing chords.

We can cater to any skill level from beginners all the way to advanced. Whether you simply want to learn a new hobby and check an item of your bucket list or are seriously contemplating a career in music, our guitar teachers can offer the support you need.

We welcome future musicians of all ages providing guitar lessons for children, teenagers and adults. Our staff are friendly, helpful and are able to tailor their class structure to help you improve any areas you may find difficult. This makes our studio the perfect place to find a guitar teacher for children.

Here is a quick rundown of the chord course - 


Chords 1

The whole aim of this level is turn you into a competent busker / party / BBQ type player. Imagine the fun you will have with your family and friends playing a few songs. We work on basic open chords and strum patterns. One of the big stumbling blocks for beginners is changing chords. We have a unique way of getting beginners through this. The tricks and exercises will have you changing chords like a pro before you know it.

Chords 2

The skills in level 2 will make you an even better busker / party style guitarist. In fact you will become a super competent rhythm guitarist. So if you want to join a band then at the end of this level you can do it. We cover some "strum magic" that will add loads of flair to your playing.The main goals of this level are to learn bar chords, advanced strumming tricks and bass chord picking.

Chords 3

Now's when it gets real fancy. The main goal of this level is to turn you into a monster chord player in the rock style. Things learnt will include the CAGED system of chords, chord adders, "barless" bar chords, fingerpicking. Heaps of cool chord-hand and strum-hand tricks that will take your chord playing to a whole new level.

Chords 4

This level looks at the world of jazz chords. While you might only want to play rock style chords this will show some of those chords that have crept over from jazz. We all love the sound of the "Hendrix chord" from songs like Foxy Lady - well that's a jazz chord. Other songs include Moondance, Tropicalia and a few songs by the Chili Peppers. Or maybe you want to become a jazz nut!! We can definitely help with that as well.

A quick look at the way we teach chords.

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