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Learn bass guitar

Learn to play the bass guitar and have a lot of fun doing it.
Learn different styles.
Learn to play tonic note, octaves, arpeggios, scales and even walking bass to your favourite songs.
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The bass guitar holds a unique place in the rock band. It's half guitar and half drums.

So sometimes you'll be copying the guitarist, other times copying the drummer and other times trying to copy both of them!!

With our bass lessons you can learn styles like rock, metal, pop, blues and jazz.

You will learn to play basic tonic note bass, scales and riffs to your favourite songs.


Here is an overview of our bass lesson plan - 

The lessons will turn you into a competent bass player so you can play for yourself or in a band.

We work on different accompaniment techniques - tonic note, octave playing, notes 1 and 5, arpeggios and scales.

You'll also learn picking and finger techniques.

As well there is a section on common rhythm patterns that every bass player should know.

With each technique learnt you'll get to play drills but even better song examples.

Here is the practice song page for students to download - 

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