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Student Concerts

The concert  is mostly about having fun.


It's an opportunity for students to perform in front of an audience.Students use the concert as a goal for all that practice they’ve been doing. There's also a little more incentive to practice so you will find yourself having quiet a leap forward in your skills and confidence. This big leap forward stays with the student.

It’s about getting on stage and showing off all that hard work. Doing it for yourself. Doing it for your family and friends. It’s an amazing feeling of satisfaction when you walk off stage after an awesome set. Performers get to play in a relaxed party atmosphere. Each performer does their best songs in front of a friendly and receptive audience.

Want to play in a band? Now you can – have fun playing songs with other guitarists, bass guitarists, drummers and singers. Be a part of the exciting music experience that comes from playing with other musicians. We’ll find your other band members. We supply nearly all the gear. 

For all ages. All styles welcome.  We book the venue. We organize the rehearsals. We do the lugging, set up and pull down. The focus is on FUN !! – at rehearsal and gigs.

After all this practice and rehearsing we do a gig!! Bring your family and friends to witness your birth as a rock star. Just like our rehearsals it’s all arranged – the booking of the venue, the PA, the amps, the drums, etc. Remember also that the audience is a friendly one – they are all there to support people doing their hobby – so even though it can be a little nerve racking at least you are going to be supported.


Some photos from the 2022 concert -

Allemande is a piece originally written for 4 clarinets in about 1650. Here it is played by 4 guitars - Vinuka, Min, Cameron and Tyson.

A great version of Sweet Child o Mine.

Min plays the Muppet show theme which loved seeing he is their BIGGEST fan!!!!

Some photos from the 2019 concert -

To make sure students are ABSOLUTELY ready for the concert there are extra practice sessions. Here's Lydia working hard to get 100% ready for her performance. It really paid off as she played beautifully on the night.

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