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Cameron is a fantastic guitar teacher for my daughter. Highly recommended



Cameron gets excellent results teaching anyone from junior to senior the guitar. A really nice bloke and a quality teacher. Highly recommended.


Cameron has been teaching my beginner son for a few months now and I can’t speak highly enough about him and his method of teaching. He is patient and understands how little minds learn. My son loves his lessons and has come a long way in his ability.



I would like to thank Cameron and his team at Bandwagon Music Studios for the great time I have had learning guitar.

I chose Bandwagon after reading about their unique teaching methods, developed by Cameron and because of some testimonials from guys like myself (starting in their 40 with little or no experience) who seemed very happy with Bandwagons teaching methods and supportive environment.

Bandwagon offer a complete package that includes great teachers who have a real interest in their students’ progress, easy to follow teaching methods designed for all levels of experience, clever use of technical resources that really help with your at-home practice and the opportunity to play solo or in bands with other students at a public venue. Bandwagon also teams up with Fine Tune Singing, for those wanting to learn to sing.

Bandwagons teaching methods focus on getting you playing songs straight away. The most commonly used techniques get priority and are applied to the songs you are learning to practice them. This process makes it fun and interesting.  Cameron is an excellent teacher. He explains things clearly, he has a relaxed style and he always has a way to simplify things that seems difficult at first.

When I started at bandwagon I couldn’t play the easiest of songs. I can now play dozens of songs that I wanted to play. I have played in band with other students on three Making Music days and a couple of Jam days. I have also played a couple of songs (with a professional musician) at a friend's wedding and played several impromptu gigs at parties. I am looking forward to continuing to learn and improve with the help of the Bandwagon team.

I would highly recommend Bandwagon to anyone at any age or level who wants a great environment to learn and improve their guitar playing.

Greg Shannon



For those of us with only modest musical tuition in our past lives, the thought of embarking on that ‘always wanted to’ musical adventure, later in our life, can only be described as daunting and intimidating.

Teaching an ‘old dog new tricks’ is, after all (as we all know), impossible. Well, not at Bandwagon Studios. The teaching method developed by Cameron makes even the most unaccomplished and inexperienced "old dog" feel as though they can truly participate in this special part of life.

The learning experience, based on intuition and fun, is organised around a thoroughly professional teaching system and this allows the student to make real achievements.

The experience has, for me, been surprising, satisfying and enriching. I wholeheartedly recommend Bandwagon to any student of any age.

Trevor Lloyd, 45



To Bandwagon Music Studios.

I just had to put pen to paper to express my thanks for the efforts of Cameron Macdonnell and the "Bandwagon Crew" for the inspiration, attention and professionalism in the music lessons and for having the drive, passion and belief in your students and teaching methods to allow us (your students) to put on the Fabulous Making Music Concerts.

I began lessons (Bass Guitar) at Bandwagon about 12 months ago as a Mature Age (45y.o.) Student with very little knowledge of my chosen instrument. I’d had a couple of single lessons here and there with other teachers but never really found what I was looking for. Wow, how things have changed for me over the last year.


After finding a small ad for the studio at my local music store and starting lessons with Paul Renton, I haven't looked back since! Not long after starting at Bandwagon I was invited to take part in Making Music in June of this year. What a blast! I played with 2 groups and a total of ten songs. My family and friends were astonished and I don't think I stopped smiling for at least a month.

Later this year, Cameron put on a dedicated Bass Guitar Teacher, Damien Barnard. Oh boy, can this man play! Thanks to him I was confident enough to put my hand up to play in 4 Bands at the latest Making Music Concert last Sunday (10th December). I can't stop grinning again!

Thank you to Damien, Paul and especially Cameron, you have made my dreams of being a performer finally come to fruition. I look forward to the next twelve months and can’t help but wonder where I’ll be musically next December.


Michael Onn



One wonders what would possess a man in his late fifties to suddenly embark on a crusade to fulfill a lifetime desire to learn guitar let alone trying to find someone who would be bothered in taking on such mammoth task.

The few guitar teachers I initially approached only offered casual instruction with no learning material.

All dramatically changed when I followed up on ad in a local newspaper.... Bandwagon guitar studios - run by Cameron Macdonnell, a very friendly delightful and unassuming man and also a great teacher and guitarist in all styles.

What I found quite surprising initially was the number of older aged people who were learning guitar there; when I once thought guitar schools were the dark domains of young shredders.

After biting the bullet, within weeks I was actually strumming popular tunes; later venturing into rock...jazz... blues... solos... music theory... doing as much or as little as I wanted to do at the time.

Within a year I'm playing in bands with other students at Cameron's studios and also in live school performances directed by Cameron and occasionally accompanied by him. Absolutely great experience and really the only way to learn guitar. All this was totally unimaginable years ago.

Cameron has a truly professional set up. Ask a question on just about anything to do with guitar music, a tune, theory and he will immediately provide you with clear simple printouts covering the topic. I now have volumes of music and theory printouts to revise if I wish at home.

Cameron's understanding of music is to me phenomenal. He has the ability to see simplicity and basic music structure in the multitude of black dots one is overwhelmed by in a Hendrix or Clapton solo.

Overall the greatest fun and experience I've had in many years which I believe says a lot for Cameron's teaching and setup.

Totally recommended. Give it a go.

J Cameron



Dear Cameron,

When I phoned around all those years ago looking for a skilled and patient guitar teacher I really hit the jackpot!

Thank you for making music fun for Georgina and for sharing your love of music over the years.

I'm sure we will be back in some fashion and we look forward to keeping up with Bandwagon news until then.

Thank you Cameron.

Bye for now, Samantha



Hi Cameron,

We just wanted to acknowledge how pleased we are with our son’s musical achievements with Bandwagon.

For approximately 18months our son, Chris, has been taking 1/2 hour guitar lessons weekly with Bandwagon. We have always been impressed with Cameron's talent as a musician and as a teacher. Cameron has a way with children that instills a love of music and a desire to learn to play the guitar to the best of their ability. All this while making the weekly lessons and daily practice seem like fun.

We have noticed a dramatic improvement in Chris’s music ability and confidence in performing in front of friends and family. Chris’s has really benefited from the Saturday afternoon jam session’s and looks forward to these events.

It's a pleasure to be able to sit down as a family and hear Chris play the guitar, once again we thank you for your professionalism, hard work and dedication to all your students it is noticeable.


Rod & Sue Lancaster



Hi Cameron,

This past half year or more with Jon has been wonderful. He's an excellent teacher and has really helped me with all the school stuff as well as leisure songs.

I just wanted to ask if I could resume the lessons with him at the same time, Tuesdays at 5 - 5:30. And also if they could start the first Tuesday of February.

He said it was fine by him but to run it by you before then.

Thank you for finding a spot for me at your place because it has been absolutely wonderful.

Cheers, Kate

Brad B. Ed Dip. T.


I have found Bandwagon Music Studios to be one of the most capable and organised guitar teaching studios that I have encountered.

Unlike a lot of guitarists who have turned their hand to teaching without giving any thought to the teaching process, Bandwagon Music Studios has developed a guitar course that is comprehensive and adaptable to each student’s needs.

Bandwagon is well resourced and well prepared.

I have been a performer with many bands and was reluctant to tell my Bandwagon teacher in case he made too many assumptions about “what I already knew”. I discussed these concerns with him. Being the professional that he is, he made no unfounded ssumptions and we continued on with the course.

I highly recommend Bandwagon to any potential guitarist or current guitarist needing a top up.



I would like to take this opportunity to thank Cameron and his staff at Bandwagon for their excellent teaching and technical skills.

A 40 something baby boomer who has always wanted to play the guitar, but with two left hands and a non musical background I was always putting it off. I took the challenge and found it so easy to master playing songs and having some fun only after 3 months tuition. From a half hour lesson per week and 3-4 hours practise per week I am now playing songs.

I have now formed a band “The Torn Pages” with similar age and style guitar players within the Bandwagon group. Our band has now played twice at a local hotel/club and it was a real blast.

Again thank you for your time and effort, Cameron you are one very talented man.



Almost three years ago I walked into Bandwagon Guitar Studios, strapped with an acoustic guitar, and zero knowledge of how to play.

As a beginner I was stoked to be able to play the songs of my choice. From the basics I learnt songs such as Last Kiss by Pearl Jam, and Good Riddance by Greenday. Currently I am learning some of the classics like Tears in Heaven by Eric Clapton, as well as Under the Bridge, and My Friends by the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

For the last two years I have been playing rhythm guitar for a band with other guitar students from Bandwagon Guitar Studios. This has helped me to play more confidently and strengthened my abilities.

Cameron has a great way of teaching, and I continue to learn and expand my skills and knowledge with every lesson I take.

I feel that I have come a long way in the past 2-3years and that is all thanks to Cameron. His talent for guitar and teaching is evident in the way his students perform.

I thoroughly recommend Bandwagon Guitar Studios to anyone who is wishing to learn to play the guitar.

David (from his mother)

In my experience it is not easy to keep a teenage boy interested in and motivated to learn an instrument.

However, through its innovative programme and use of popular music Bandwagon Guitar Studios has managed to achieve this for my son. Not only does my son really look forward to his weekly lesson but he loves practicing the songs he has learnt at home. It is a delight to hear him singing along while strumming his guitar. Having opportunities to play with other students in "jam" sessions is another highlight for him.

The flexible teaching programme that Bandwagon Guitar Studios has developed together with their creative use of technology ensures that students are kept engaged.

In fact I think Bandwagon may have done its job a little too well as now my son wants to learn the drums as well as the guitar.

Mark C (Guitarist "MidLife Pisces")


Hello there.

I have been playing guitar since I was a teenager - about 30 years now. I have almost played in a band a few times. I have taken many long breaks from playing guitar and at one time only played classical guitar.

However, about four years ago I bought myself a Fender Strat (sunburst body with maple fretboard) for a Christmas present, and then looked around for a teacher.

I accidentally found Cameron through a local music shop. That has been the best accident for my music playing ever.

I do a lesson most weeks (when I am not on call) and my band "MidLife Pisces" gets together and rehearses in Cam's band room several times a month. We opened the show at the July "Making Music" extravaganza at the Chermside Bowls Club and we are preparing two sets of five for the December party bash at Doomben racecourse.

My lessons are mixture of improving theoretical skills, such as learning all the pentatonic and modal scales, mastering new technical skills, most recently I am doing tapping and harmonics and practising the guitar parts for the songs that my band is going to play. My guitar playing has come a long way and although I had reasonable competence in music theory and classical guitar, I can now play in front of other guitarists without worrying about missing notes.

I feel that Cameron has a good feel for my musical ability, my personal goals and how this currently fits in my busy working and family life.

I still have a lot more goals to achieve and, thanks to Cameron, I am currently on target to reach them.

Peter L


Dear Cameron,

I am writing to thank you for the last 3 years.

At 42 years of age I did not know what to expect when I decided to take up guitar. After being recommended by a mutual friend I made my first appointment for a lesson with you. I was warmly received and was surprised by the age range of your students.

The weekly lesson with you is the highlight of my week and has been from the first lesson. Each lesson is all about me and no time is wasted on anything else interfering with my time. Everything is well organised and at the ready when required.

Over the years I have made friends with fellow students of bandwagon guitar and other musicians at my work. At the moment I have formed a band with 2 friends and 3 other students of yours. We are rehearsing once a week and continually increasing our repertoire.

The additional programs you organise such as mini Woodstock and Making Music have increased my confidence and enjoyment of my music. It made it much easer to play with others and in front of an audience.

I never expected to be able to play as well as I do and am so proud of how my ability has developed. I still have much more to learn and can not wait till my next lesson.

Thank you,
Peter Lamont Guitarist

John O


I started at Bandwagon Guitar Studios when I was in my late 20's as a very new guitarist having taught myself a few basic chords.

With Bandwagon's help it wasn't long before I was confidently performing for family and friends.

Now I have played a number of semi professional gigs and I love it. Bandwagon applies their teaching skills to the songs or style that you want to learn making the study of music all the more enjoyable.

Cameron and Paul are a real pair of guitar legends and have a wealth a musical knowledge and live performance experience that they are only too happy to pass on.

I can't recommend Bandwagon highly enough.

Deirdre M


I had always wanted to learn to play the guitar and some friends highly recommended Cameron and Bandwagon studios.

As a mature age student, I was a bit wary as to whether I had left it too late in life but I gave lessons a try and haven't looked back - that was over a year ago now.

Cameron explains things in a logical way, his teaching style is interactive and he provides you with all the resources you need to keep improving. I'd highly recommend Bandwagon Studios to anyone considering learning the guitar - young or old.

(Plus he's a bit of a funny dude ……who gives you lollies if you are good in class (nudge, nudge ) ooh-ah better not put that bit in.)

Kelsey (from her mother)


Cameron has been teaching my daughter guitar for 3 years. I was recommended to Cameron's Studios by a friend with teenage boys who were being taught by another member of Cameron's staff. They thoroughly enjoyed it.

Kelsey really enjoys her lesson time. She always says it is full of fun and laughter --- but she also has mastered to play the guitar beautifully! I believe that to learn, if it is fun, you are taught so easily. It never is a chore for her to practice.

Cameron puts a lot of effort into creating ways for his students to experience the different aspects of guitar. He often has "mini Woodstock" jams - which can be 2-3 students, with him on drums and another teacher on acoustic guitar.

Cameron is easily approachable with any issue you wish to discuss.

I would thoroughly recommend Cameron and his studios to anyone wishing to master the thrill of playing guitar.

Regards, Debbie

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