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Note reading guitar

Learn to read music and play on the guitar.


Note reading is a great place for juniors to start their guitar journey.


It also ties in perfectly with their school classroom music.

Here is a quick rundown of the note reading course -

Notes 1

This level introduces the student to all the basics of note reading and playing on the guitar.

Note reading starts with name and rhythm recognition from the music staff. Quite a bit to take in but we do it in baby steps. The goal here is that students can read a piece of music out loud saying the note names in count. 

And of course all these exercises and songs get played on the guitar with attention to correct techniques in both hands.

Notes 2

Now we look at playing in keys or scales. This gets students learning new notes on the staff and guitar.

As well there are more note rhythms to learn.

The pieces are also now longer and little more complex.

Again there is attention paid to correct guitar techniques.

Notes 3

Normally students are happy enough with just the two levels of note reading.


For those keen to learn more we move onto either the Mel Bay or Berklee note reading series of books.


Now it gets very interesting!!!

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