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Showcase 2024

Updated 26th March.

Here is some information about the 2024 showcase.

Venue - Shalom College.

Date - Sat 10th and Sun 11th August.

Times - to be confirmed a little later on.

Students will be performing in bands at the showcase. 

Each band will be playing 2 songs each.

It is essential that students prepare these songs to perfection before the first rehearsal. To achieve this there will be a lot of normal lesson time devoted to the songs. As well there will be shared lessons with other band members and then full band rehearsals. We will also be doing a full rehearsal at Shalom just before the performances.​

Who can come to the concert.

You are welcome to ask as many people as you like. There are NO tickets to purchase for family and friends to enter the concert. This has been paid for in your original concert fee.

You are welcome to come to both sessions if you wish.

Time to arrive at the concert - 

Please arrive at least 30 minutes before your session. So 3.30 for afternoon session and 6.30 for the night session.

Food and drink at the concert - 

At the moment there will be soft drinks, chips, chocolates available from the
canteen in the foyer.

VERY IMPORTANT!!! NO food or drink is allowed in the performance theatre. We must strictly adhere to this request from the school.

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